Search Tips

    Wrong spelling is the main reason for "No result found"
    Do not forget to separate the words with spaces (e.g. "elvispresley")
    Avoid using plural forms, this dramatically reduces the matched results
      If you are looking for "a heart shape diamond under jewelries"
      just search "heart diamond" not "diamond hearts"
    Minimize the keywords used
      Do not use the terms cheap, search, ebay etc
      If it is not part of a "Title" (e.g. books), do not use term like "the", "is", "are" etc.
    Try to use the "Title and Description" option, it provides result from wider range
    Utilize the Price range option if you really want to find great deals


    To display all Bakugan related items
      WRONG : "Show all bakugans" <== need to match all the words 'show, 'all' and 'bakugans'
      CORRECT : "bakugan" <== will match all items that mentioned 'bakugan'